Untouchable Zane

Somehow, he knows my embarrassing secret and I’m pretty sure I was the target in some juvenile bet of his. I will not be caught in his web.

Zane Elkton is a hot A-list celebrity.
I’m a plain-Jane professional organizer who’s twelve years older than him.
We couldn’t be more different.

He’s everything you’d expect of a Hollywood movie star: devastatingly gorgeous, perfect body, wealthy, classy…and has skeletons in his closet. The very skeletons that have consumed most of the men in my life and I’m not willing to let myself get wrapped up in him, even if my ridiculous heart has other plans.

With access to any woman he could want, his relentless pursuit of me makes no sense.

Did I mention the man knows how to swoon and is unbelievably romantic? With money, access, and connections, he wants to help me check off items on my Life List. You know, the things – some that are completely unattainable – that you want to do while you’re still alive.

My attempts at keeping him at a distance are failing miserably because he’s sneaking into my heart. And his skills in the bedroom are exactly what you’d imagine — electrifying — which doesn’t help matters.

But when I find out he knows my secret and suspect I’ve been made a laughing stock in his bet, I leave as fast as I can…sending him into a downward spiral that has him fighting his inner demons.

Love is supposed to conquer all, isn’t it?
In our case, I’m not sure that’s possible.

Untouchable Zane is a standalone romance book. You can follow it with my Wounded Hearts series that starts with Someone Exactly Like Me.

(TRIGGER WARNINGS: This book contains steamy scenes, alcoholism, mention of parental suicide, mention of body image sensitivity, and some explicit language. Suitable for 18+ only.)

A selection of comments left by Amazon reviewers:

“I am a huge fan of celebrity romance, and this one hit all the right notes! This book is a slow burn leading up to one scorcher of a connection.” ~ Romance Addict 

“I’m not typically a fan of Hollywood romances but this story completely sucked me in.” ~ DearBooksLoveSkye

The story is captivating, draws you in, is so real with emotion that you can’t help but feel like you know the characters and get invested into their story.” ~ Michelle R Bovee

“I devoured this book in a day…This one is going to stay with me awhile.” ~D.S.

Someone Exactly Like Me Slow Burn Romance Book

Someone Exactly Like Me

Book 1 in the Wounded Hearts series

Fall into bed with the too-hot-for-his-own-good Italian celebrity who’s just skyrocketed to fame and be another notch in his belt? No thanks.

Accept his proposed business deal that will have us spending a lot of time together – much of it under the same roof – in order to further our careers? Definitely a possibility.

What we have is a business arrangement. Nothing more.

It’s a fact I have to keep reminding myself of every time Niccolo Mancini pins me with his eyes or my heart pounds in my ears when we’re close.

He has a rule: Don’t kiss women on the lips.

I have a rule too: Don’t get involved with celebrities…even if I’ve fantasized about Nicco for months after watching his latest movie.

As the terms of our deal play out, my humdrum life is flipped upside down…and we’re both dangerously close to breaking our rules.

Did I mention that he’s also a musician? He sings and plays guitar…and wrote a song for me. Yeah, so there’s that.

He’s a man who’s hurting and exposes his wounds and fears to me, drawing me more deeply to him. Just when I let him in, the temporary fairytale implodes, crushing my heart. I run…and wonder if what we had was ever even real.

He got what he wanted from our deal.

I didn’t. My career is crumbling beneath me.

What do I do now?

This is Book 1 in the Wounded Hearts series. While it can be read as a standalone, your experience will be better if you read this book first.


(TRIGGER WARNINGS: This book contains steamy scenes, a panic attack, a smoking habit, mentions of body image sensitivity, mention of loss of a child, and some explicit language. Suitable for 18+ only.)

A selection of comments left by Amazon reviewers:

“So well written, so entertaining, and so enjoyable-I couldn’t stop reading it and I didn’t want it to end. Ever.” ~Angela Ford, Award-Winning Romance Author

“It was a great read with a lot of romance and a touch of suspence keeping you wanting more!!” ~Farah

“I had a hard time putting this book down, the pages just kept coming and I couldn’t stop reading the character building and world building were amazing as well as the full story and outcome of the story I loved this book.” Danielle Lynn Reads

“Another beautiful love story from Debbie Cromack. Oh the angst, the slow burn, the passion, the fire I loved every page.” ~NMc

Kiss Away Your Pain Slow Burn Romance Book

Kiss Away Your Pain

Book 2 in the Wounded Hearts series

Life throws us into incomprehensible situations sometimes. Enzo Cipriani is one such situation.

He’s a commitment-phobe.
I don’t do one-night stands.

After losing my one true love, I never expected to fall in love again. That kind of love doesn’t happen twice.

And then I meet Enzo. We share a sinfully-hot, alcohol-fueled kiss and guilt has me running. We’re strangers at a wedding so vanishing is easy.

Then he reappears in my life as the male model in my photo shoot for a high-end swimsuit company, distracting me with his sculped muscles and piercing green eyes that I swear wander my body when I’m not looking.

He asks me out…repeatedly. I say no…repeatedly, ignoring the undeniable spark between us.

I’ve worked my ass off to build my career to where it is today and I’m not taking any risks that could allow my focus to falter.

When I lose a bet with him that results in us going out on ONE date, I start to think there could be more to life than just my career.

The instant I let myself feel hopeful, is the instant everything explodes when we simultaneously learn that something from our pasts connects us. This time, shock and disbelief have me running.

He made me believe that I could love again. And now my soul is shattered.

What’s done is done and it can never be undone. I put myself back together once. How am I supposed to do it…again?

The tougher question is: Can I ever let Enzo back into my heart knowing what I know?

This is Book 2 in the Wounded Hearts Series. While it can be read as a standalone, your experience will be better if you read Someone Exactly Like Me first.


(TRIGGER WARNINGS: This book contains steamy scenes, mention of a car accident, grief, loss of loved ones, mention of drug addiction, a parent leaving, and some explicit language. Suitable for 18+ only.)

A selection of comments left by GoodReads reviewers:

“There was such depth within this novel that extended beyond the main characters…Debbie artfully takes our heart’s broken pieces and carefully puts them all back together…” ~Sharon, GoodReads Reviewer

“…a beautifully written tale that took me on a truly emotional and beautiful journey about loss, grief, forgiveness, guilt, love, and happiness.” ~ reader_dreamer_4life, GoodReads Reviewer

“If you want a fun romance that deals with loss in a delicate manner and provides hope for finding another chance at love, this is for you!” ~Farah, GoodReads Reviewer

“When it comes to captivating slow burn romance, Ms. Cromack is a master at it. In this emotionally charged contemporary romance, she weaves a complex story of grief, heartbreak, family, friends, love, and happiness that is bound to etch a lasting impression on your soul.” ~Angela Ford, Award-Winning Romance Author

Someone to Watch Over Me Slow Burn Romance Book

Someone to Watch Over Me

Book 3 in the Wounded Hearts series

The secret love of my life is on stage, playing his guitar and singing a song he wrote for me, making me wonder if there could be more than just friendship between us.

If there is, does it even matter with me carrying another man’s baby?

Angelo Mancini is not my brother, but he protects me like he is. He’s not my boyfriend, but I’ve always wished he was.

One alcohol-filled night back in college, I asked him to take my virginity. He refused and I felt rejected and embarrassed.

Years later, I end up getting pregnant by the one guy he warned me to stay away from.

My world crashing in around me, I run to the one person I trust…and need…Angelo.

He invites me to stay with him while I figure out what to do. The more time we spend alone, the more it feels like he no longer sees me as just his childhood best friend.

I’d like to believe that love always wins, but I’m in a no-win situation.

This is Book 3, and the final book, in the Wounded Hearts Series. While it can be read as a standalone, your experience will be better if you read this books 1 and 2 first.


(TRIGGER WARNINGS: This book contains steamy scenes, miscarriage, the passing of a grandparent. and some explicit language. Suitable for 18+ only.)


A selection of comments left by Amazon reviewers:

“Childhood friends to lover is always so sweet, and Debbie Cromack absolutely delivered. These two were meant to be, and it was so fantastic watching them find their way to each other.” ~A.L. Jackson, NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR

“Ms. Cromack has outdone herself with this beautiful, uplifting story of two childhood friends finding themselves and each other. I savored each word of Someone To Watch Over Me. This story lingers in my thoughts.

Utterly mesmerizing, exquisite, beautifully written romance. I love the heroes this author writes. She’s able to create sensitive real men with an insane sex appeal. And her heroines are strong, independent and beautiful souls. Romance that is real and Oh! So! Emotional! (A tissue box is required.)

Love. Hope. Healing. All brought to life by that intangible magic we’ve come to expect by the master of slow-burn.
The gritty pieces of a broken friendship is eloquently weaved into a soulful story about the healing power of compassion and unconditional love.” ~Angela Ford, Award-Winning Romance Author


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