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Hollywood heartthrob, Zane Elkton, has a secret…

He’s been dreaming of a mystery woman for almost half his life. When fate drops her into his real life, he does everything in his power to keep her in his life. Will she fall in love with him or will his fame and addiction rip them apart?

After Desiree Capstone’s 5-year boyfriend dies in a tragic car accident, she moves to California to build a new life. She’s given up on love and sworn off dating.

Her world is turned upside down when fate puts Zane Elkton in her life. Will she let him into her heart? Or will her resistance to his world keep them apart forever?

About Debbie

Hi! I’m Debbie and I’m a contemporary romance author. I write realistic characters whose love stories you want to live. My stories have a lot of heart and a hint of steam, giving you the escape from reality you desire.

I didn’t step into my passion of writing until late in life. While I’ve loved writing since I was in middle school, I didn’t pursue a career in creative writing because I couldn’t see a path for making a living. The path I followed took me through many pivots…

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Escape into My World with Me…

I believe we all feel a little damaged or broken at times.

And while we may FEEL this way for days, weeks, months, or even years, it doesn’t mean we ARE damaged or broken in our soul. I believe that our ability to feel broken is what binds us together. It connects us. It helps us feel compassion for others.

It’s important to share. Share our stories. Share our battles. Share our fears. Share our scars.

When we share, we allow others to see us for who we are…real and raw. When we share, we become vulnerable. And through that vulnerability we connect.

In vulnerability there is strength. In vulnerability there is healing. When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and share ourselves with others, they feel empowered to share and be vulnerable as well. This is how we come together. This is how we unite. This is how we learn to move beyond the hurt, beyond the pain, beyond feeling damaged and broken.

This is how we lift each other up and help each other create the lives we desire.

So, I encourage you to share, to connect, to be vulnerable, to open yourself up. Through sharing, we no longer have to feel isolated or alone; we can feel connected and uplifted. Your willingness to share invites others to share and heal and grow.

I believe in the power of sisterhood and community. I like the feeling of belonging to something bigger than myself. And I know many of you in my audience do as well.

I cultivate this connection in several ways. Each main female character is infused with bits and pieces of me, my personality, and my life. It’s my way of sharing myself with you.

I also invite you to be part of my creative process by asking YOU who you want to see in my upcoming novels. Join my email list (drop your name and email address below) to participate and to stay up to date on my latest news.

AND…I bring you visually into my creative world through the Pinterest boards I create for each of my romance novels. Through my boards, I paint a picture for you of the characters, the setting, and different activities and situations you’ll read about in my books.

Go grab a mug of your favorite warm beverage, snuggle up in a blanket, and come escape into my world of sweet, steamy romance…

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